We provide operational and financial accounting on an ongoing basis.  We accepted the role of CFO and Restructure Officer to ensure Camelot Printing and copy center is operating at optimal capacity.

Camelot Print & Copy Center opened its doors in 1997 as a small copy shop specializing in litigation copy services. Today, Camelot is the leading Copy Center in the Capital District and offers a variety of services under one roof. 


We conduct audits, test reviews, and make adjustments to all items within a regular business cycle. Areas of extra concentration and heightened testing would include: Revenues, Cash, Program Expenditures, Fixed Assets, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and high variance sensitive accounts for the following municipalities:

New Canaan, New Fairfield, Woodstock, Sterling, Brooklyn, Sprague, and Salem Connecticut

Specific detailed items within these categories are Intergovernmental grants and awards, local revenues generated from products and services. Cash management, summaries, and confirms and, proper categorization and recognition of expenses. Review of fixed asset addition, disposals, and depreciation of fixed assets. Review of material variances and sensitive accounts.

We provided a conglomerate called Fresh Market with everything from business plans, strategy, financing, and best use of capital on an ongoing basis.
Fresh Market is a chain of different franchises which includes: Subway franchises, 7/11 franchises, and Holiday Inn Hotels. 

We work closely with Modern Assembly a digital marketing campaign company based out of New York with high profile clients and guide them in their business decisions. 


We sit on the board and provide guidance and feedback to the Providence Apartment Association, which is a group of concerned real estate investors in the New England market. 


We also sit on the board of Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living; however, we are also the elected treasurer. The Aperiron Institute is a nonprofit organization, that gathers Rhode Islanders from across various sectors to share stories, collaborate, network, lean about creating safe, healthy, creative, environmental, and sustainable energy.